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Join us in our mission to support the people, the economy, and the future of Ukraine.

3D Print Ukraine

Building an Additive Manufacturing Center in Ukraine

We are in the process of building a fully-equipped additive manufacturing center in Kyiv, Ukraine. The facility has been selected and we are training people how to operate the printers now.

Our goal is to provide local access to advanced technologies and educate the local workforce so they can rebuild the great nation of Ukraine.

Immediate Needs

There is an immediate need for parts for medical purposes, agriculture & defense.

Due to the urgent need for parts they will need to be produced in Ukraine as shipping individual parts is very difficult due to the ban on commercial air traffic.

These parts will be printed at the 3D Print Ukraine Additive Manufacturing Center in Kyiv and we need your help! We’re looking for financial contributions and equipment or software donations to help equip the new facility.

Our goal is to install industrial FDM, SLA, DLP, & SLS systems by the end of August.

About Us

3D Print Ukraine

What We Stand For

See Ukraine reemerge stronger than before with the help of modern technology, employment opportunities, and education.

Ukrainian people are highly educated and professional. 3D Printing will help them avoid supply constraints, provide customized industrial parts, and rebuild faster.

More than Rebuilding.

Building Something New.

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How Can We Help?

Direct Support

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Need Assistance?

Ukrainian citizens currently living in Ukraine or recent refugees can request help from 3D Print Ukraine using the form below. Tell us a little about yourself and how 3D printing technology and opportunities for work could help you.

Submit Your Designs

Submit your 3D designs in support of our mission to support the Ukrainian people. Printed parts of approved designs will be available for sale with all profits directly supporting Ukrainian citizens. This will help promote your work while supporting a great cause.

Complete the form below and we will get in touch to review the file.

Learning & Software


Provide additive manufacturing software and training, partner with 3D Print Ukraine to offer these tools to Ukrainian citizens.

Career & Service


If you need to hire any remote employees or services, we will connect you with top-tier talent from Ukraine.



Donate additive manufacturing equipment, materials, and software. We will give it directly to the Ukrainians who benefit from it.

Can You Help?

Donate additive manufacturing equipment, materials, and software. We will give it directly to the Ukrainians who benefit from it.

Current Sponsors

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What is 3D Print Ukraine | Eugene Giller

Join this session to hear Eugene Giller’s story of growing up in Kyiv, his journey into 3D printing, and why he started 3D Print Ukraine.

May 11, 2022 at 1:30 pm EST